How to Beat the Odds

General Betting Tips

How can you always win in sports betting? Many betting friends try to answer this question permanently, usually with no result. If you think you’ve found the perfect sports betting strategy, you’ll be taught better within a very short time. The illusion that you can always win with sports betting is that every user should get out of his head as quickly as possible – it is simply not possible.

Even the safest tip can fall over. In the long term, it is important that customers end up in the green zone. Short-term successes can be safely dismissed as beginner’s luck. In the following, we would like to give you some basic rules for successful typing. Under no circumstances, however, will every betting slip bring the desired prize.


  • Any betting slip cannot win
  • Favourite tips are unsuitable in the long run
  • Surebets with only a small yield
  • Reliable betting provider is important
  • Betting bonus makes the start easier


how to win from sports betting

If you would always win in sports betting, this would, of course, be the perfect money machine. Logically, every customer would jump on the bandwagon and the bookmakers would be in insolvency within a very short time. Many users forget that the online provider is in the plus before betting. The odds are calculated by the bookies so that the bookmaker’s margin is already included. The bookmaker generally starts with a mathematical advantage, which has to be compensated.

In many cases, customers fall into the trap of believing that their favourite bets are the most lucrative. Quite the opposite is true. There is no doubt that FC Bayern Munich, for example, will win most of their Bundesliga matches, but not all of them will win. The ratio of betting odds to default risk is particularly bad for the favourites. The net profits are so minimal that a tip is hardly worthwhile. It is noticeable that the online bookmakers are especially pushing the games of the top clubs. They are not doing this without reason. The betting companies make their highest profits with the lost favourite tips. If you always keep this fact in mind, you will quickly notice how nonsensical these bets are.

Surebets are often spoken in technical jargon, the totally safe tips. This refers to the exploitation of quota differences between bookmakers. It is indeed true that the Surebets always win their sports bets. However, the possible net yields are not in proportion to the amount of work involved in finding the corresponding quotations. In addition, the introduction of the German betting tax and the associated 5% discount made the Surebets even more difficult.


Goals in Sports Betting

Your own goals are always important in life – and sports betting is no different. Users should not be aiming for a quick profit, but for a long-term return. Anyone who is satisfied with smaller, lasting profits have already chosen the right path. The magic word is defensive money management. Play with small stakes based on your starting capital. In this way, they rule out total loss and can also survive longer negative phases without any problems.

Stay true to your financial strategy. If you have “messed up” some betting slips, don’t try to make up for them with higher stakes. Try to level out the resulting loss slowly. Whoever is on the winning side should also not be allowed to travel to higher game sums. True to the motto “greed eats brains”, the yields will be playful in no time at all. You’d better wait and see if you can cash out your winnings. Never forget that winning at sports betting is and remains impossible.

Many betting friends wonder whether a betting bonus can contribute to the sports betting profit. The answer is yes. In most cases, the bookies’ welcome offers push customers’ initial deposits. With the additional wagering credits, you can implement your own money management strategy even better. Extra money means extra freedom in this case.

However, it is important that the bonus conditions are moderate and can be adapted to your own gaming system. In the worst case, a betting bonus that is too strict only ties up your own money and prevents you from paying out winnings. Below we have briefly compiled the five best new customer bonuses in a betting bonus comparison.

Bet365: 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 Euro. One-off cash turnover as a qualification. Then rollover of the starting capital three times within 90 days with a minimum quota of 1.5.

Mobile bet: 10 € No Deposit Bonus to start. Regular 100% up to 150 Euro. Rollover five times own money plus bonus sum for odds of 1.8 and combined betting obligation.

Interwetten: 100% match bonus of up to 100 Euro. Betting bonus must be released with your own money. Five times turnover with a minimum ratio of 1.7 within 14 days. Interwetten bonus also applies to the casino.

Tipico: 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 Euro. Threefold rollover of the starting capital with a minimum quota of 2.0. no time limit

ComeOn: 7 Euro No-Deposit Bonus. Regular 100% match bonus up to 100 Euro. Five times the turnover of the starting capital with a betting ratio of 1.8 as the turnover target.

Don’t just bet on a bookmaker, but register with some of the best online bookmakers (initially maybe 3-6)! Thus, you will still have a good overview of your betting accounts, but once you have decided on a bet, you will be able to choose the betting provider to whom you will place the bet and choose from your betting portfolio the betting provider where the bet will be rewarded with the highest odds.

But you shouldn’t make the mistake of just looking for odds and maybe betting on a bookmaker who is not 100% serious. However, you can trust the online bookmakers who do well in our betting tests.

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